About Us

Passion for horses and the equine industry started early with my involvement in 4H and horse showing. Because of my desire to offer products to other horse owners that were built to last, I founded AJ Equine Supply in 2010.  I operated AJ Equine Supply as a side business to my full-time job, but the challenges that came with that were too great. As a result, I paused the business for awhile. 

Fast forward to 2020. My role as a stay-at-home mom to our three sweet girls was coming to a close, as our youngest daughter was starting school. With the availability of time to dedicate to developing a successful business, I relaunched AJ Equine Supply. Offering a blanket style with a classic fit, a tailored design, while focusing on simplicity, was appealing to and loved by the professionals that use them daily.  As a horse owner and competitor, I understand the many expenses in our industry. With this in mind, I chose to offer horse enthusiasts high-quality products that are reasonably priced.  Ambassadors that I’ve partnered with are knowledgeable industry leaders who provide me with valuable feedback, including product reviews. Assuredly these ambassadors provide AJ with a connection to the equine industry and are an irreplaceable asset.  Due to their reliable critiques, products created by AJ Equine Supply are critically tested and reviewed before being added to our product lineup.

Undeniably, the name AJ Equine Supply represents our family.  “A” stands for April and “J” stands for Jason, my husband.  Behind the scenes every decision has had a story related to those involved in our small family business, including choosing our fabrics colours, ensuring the materials that we use have all the qualities we are looking for, and evaluating our products for the perfect fit.  When I am not on the road to a horse show, tradeshow or immersed in the many facets of AJ Equine Supply, you can find me spending time with my family.  While attending the University of Alberta, I acquired a science degree, majoring in Animal Science.  I also played on varsity basketball team, so I share of love for all animals and sports combined. As a family we share the love playing or watching a sport, as well as enjoying our animals.

Community initiatives, and collaborations are at the forefront of my business because I strive to give as much as I can to the amazing equine community that supports us.  Aiding and promoting like-minded entrepreneurs, clubs, business, and industry leaders not only inspires me, but ensures I maintain a strong connection to my core values.

Thank you for trusting and supporting me and my business, AJ Equine Supply,